Launch of Online Stickerless E-Visa Application Platform &Termination of Visa Application in Person and by Post

Launch of Online Stickerless E-Visa Application Platform &Termination of Visa Application in Person and by Post

วันที่นำเข้าข้อมูล 25 Oct 2022

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* For visa application, please go to the e-Visa website at

** For instructions on how to apply for e-Visa, please view the Video User Manuals at


Since 1 November 2022, the Royal Thai Embassy in Athens has launched an online stickerless e-Visa platform which replaced the in-person and by-post visa application procedures. Any foreign national, with residence in Greece, Malta and Serbia, who wishes to apply for a Thai visa must apply, submit his/her application and supporting documents and pay the application fee online through the new online e-Visa platform at Please note that it is no longer required for applicants to submit their passports and original supporting documents at the Royal Thai Embassy in Athens.

After the e-Visa application has been approved, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to applicants. Applicants are kindly requested to print a copy of the confirmation e-mail in order to present to the airline and Thai immigration officials who carry out checks when travelling to Thailand.

Important Information for e-Visa Applicants *

(Applicants can enter Thailand via airports, seaports or border checkpoints)

1. Filling in the Application Form

1.1 Please ensure that all your details (name, surname, passport number, date of birth, etc.) are correct and your supporting documents are complete before submitting and paying for your application. Once submitted, the visa application cannot be amended and the visa fee is non-refundable.

1.2 When submitting an application, the spelling of your name must be exactly the same as your English name that appears on your passport. Special characters are not accepted.

1.3 MIDDLE NAME: If your English name on the passport does not have a middle name, please do not write the middle name in the application. You can LEAVE THIS FIELD BLANK and please do not write "-" or "N/A" in the application either. 

2. Residency

The Embassy only has the authority to issue visa to applicants who have residency and are currently living in Greece, Malta and Serbia. Visa applications of those without current residency in Greece, Malta and Serbia will be REJECTED. No refund is possible.

3. Passport

3.1 Please exercise extra caution in choosing the right TYPE OF PASSPORT and TRAVEL DOCUMENT. If you are not a government officer, DO NOT choose "Official/Service Passport"; instead, choose "Ordinary Passport." 

3.2 The applicant's passport/travel document must have at least 6 month validity on the date of application.

4. Supporting Documents

4.1 The Biodata Page of your passport must be uploaded in jpeg format.

4.2 All other supporting documents must be uploaded in the formats of jpeg and pdf, as specified on the website. Please do not take and upload photos of the supporting documents from your mobile phone. If your documents contain more than 1 page, please upload them in pdf format. 

4.3 The Declaration Form is a required document for your visa application approval. Please download, sign and upload it to the website.

4.4 If you apply for Tourist Visa, please submit a return ticket.

4.5 For the uploading of your picture holding the photo and information page of the passport, you can take a selfie photo from your mobile phone. 

5. If there are mistakes in the application, for example, wrong spelling of names, wrong passport type, or wrong passport numbersthe application will be rejected. Applicants will be required to apply and pay again. No refund is possible. 

6. The Embassy reserves the rights to request additional documents as necessary. In case you fail to submit the requested documents within 30 days from the date that the Embassy has sent out the request for additional documents, your visa application will be rejected.  

7. Please apply for your visa in advance and plan your trip accordingly. The visa approval process will take approximately 5 - 7 business days, dependent on the accuracy of the application and supporting documents and the type of visa requested. You can check the status of your visa application online.